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Foxall Rd

A relatively small residential development for our long term client Abax Contracting. The project was one of many along Foxall Rd, where small parcels have been divided up by private developers. The job included the removal of overhead mains, installation of one sub station, servicing of 29 Lots, installation of 12 new street lights and removal of rock.

Lindsay Civil provided a turn key solution from empty streets to a fully powered site in 9 days for less than $280,000.00.

Macarthur Heights

Engaged by TRN, Lindsay Civil have been involved in the electrical construction of Landcom’s Macarthur Heights development since the very beginning.

We have completed all stages to date and are still going which includes the installation of 20 Pad mount subs, 2 pole subs and servicing of 754 Residential lots.

The work on the development also included private consumer mains and switchboards including metering, connection to existing zone substation, management of power outages including supply and connection of generators affecting both Western Sydney University and Macarthur Square.

The team also took on the removal of overhead lines, public lighting, level 2 connections, directional drilling of waterways, coordination of gas and communications.

The entire project is estimated to cost approximately 6.5 million. Works were performed over multiple stages and Lindsay Civil was able to deliver each of these on time.

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Michael Hanratty | Project Manager


I have contracted Lindsay Civil to complete electrical infrastructure on major subdivision projects over the last 4 years, the most recent being Emerald Hills Estate Stage 1 and Macarthur Heights Stages 1 through to 4.

The team at Lindsays, headed by Matt and Peter, are helpful, efficient and cooperative at every stage from tendering to completion. The Project Managers are always accessible and approach the projects with knowledge and professionalism. I find the Crews onsite to be safe, productive, driven and to work cooperatively with other trades.

When engaging with Lindsay Civil on a project, I feel confident knowing that a quality job will be delivered within time and budget.

Jordan Springs East Precinct

Lindsay Civil was involved in both Stage 1 and 2 of the Jordan Springs East Precinct. The residential sub division and connector road construction included the development of 701 lots over a 4 month program.

Lindsay Civil delivered the following to the project:

  • Public Lighting
  • Upgrade of existing areas to handle additional supply needs
  • Installation of temporary overhead mains
  • Multiple sub stages

During the construction Lindsay Civil was able to combine designs to reduce the program delivery period.

Lindsay Civil were diligent with on site safety requirements and worked closely with other contractors, consultants and developers to deliver the project ahead of time and on budget.

Ziggy Vilimec | Project Manager

Menai Civil Contractors

Menai Civil Contractors have engaged Lindsay Civil to deliver electrical reticulation works, Stage 1 and Stage 2 – Jordan Springs East.

Performance, quality and safety industry benchmarks have been met and often exceeded, their understanding of Global Minimum Requirements is solid and helps our project to be delivered on time and budget with no detriment to safety.

We wouldn’t hesitate to engage Lindsay Civil on upcoming Menai Civil projects and further Jordan Springs stages.

Donovan Blvrd, Gregory Hills

The TRN Group, a civil engineering and haulage company specialise in equipment hire, earthmoving, quarrying and haulage.

Proudly family owned and operated for over forty years, the company is located at Glenlee, near Narellan in NSW.

The TRN Group are managing a $13 million industrial development project at Gregory Hills and engaged Lindsay Civil for stage 2C. Lindsay Civil managed a 2.5 week construction project that included underground residential development consisting of 67 lots.

The project requirement also included undergrounding existing overhead high voltage powerlines and high and low voltage electrical reticulation for the subdivision.

Lodges Road, Elderslie

Western Earthmoving is an Australian-owned civil contracting company providing land development services.

Lindsay Civil were employed to complete an underground residential development consisting of 60 residential lots and park land in Lodges Road, Elderslie NSW.

The project time required the job to be completed in 7 days. Lindsay Civil completed the project in 6.5 days.