Lindsay Civil believes in strong leadership

  • Increases Productivity — Assists with managing budget, time and resources more efficiently
  • Comprehensive Internal Policies & Procedures — Ensuring any changes in legislation, regulation or codes of practice are managed
  • Minimise Risk — For our employees, clients and the community and assist in the delivery of high quality services, every time.

Our leadership is strategic and has a focus on operational management skills and processes to align goals and energy of our employees and we believe is an important aspect of a successful team culture.

"Lindsay Civil recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all its workers, clients and visitors."

This commitment extends to ensuring that the organisation’s operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage. Lindsay Civil employs a dedicated Work Health & Safety, Environment and Quality (WHSE&Q) Manager onsite to ensure the following:

Adhere to WHS legislative framework and enforce any breach of WHS legislation
Maintain an efficient quality system, which encompasses all of our professional services, to meet the needs of our clients, contractual and technical requirements, and commercial and statutory standards
Promote heath, safety, environmental and quality awareness in the development and implementation of standard work practices

Maintain the commitment to deliver our projects in an environmentally responsible manner with due consideration to the principles of Ecological Sustainable Development (ESD) including but not limited to:

Compliance with the local electricity distributor’s environmental management systems standards and procedures. Environmental Impact Assessments are provided on each project
Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, codes of practice and contractual conditions
Conducting business with suppliers who also have a commitment to responsible environmental management
Providing training and education to employees and contractors
Continually improving our environmental management performance by regular reviews and setting realistic environmental objectives and targets