Non-Destructive Digging – Vacuum Excavation

Lindsay Civil’s non-destructive unit offers a quick and safe way to excavate around existing services including electrical and communications cables, water, storm water and sewer pipes.

Our point of difference is that being an Authorised Service Provider for the electricity distribution networks, our staff are all trained and qualified in the location, identification and protection of underground assets, approved to work on or near the network.

Non-destructive methods of digging ensure minimal risk to buried services and existing structures while protecting the surrounding area by reducing work area ground disturbance. The flexibility of this type of digging also make it ideal for protecting existing flora such as tree roots which would be damaged by traditional mechanical excavation methods.

Our Service

Our 6000 litre dual pressure washer truck is equipped to handle any job and can be hired out with 1 or 2 operators depending on the size of the project. We also cater for offsite disposal of spoil.

Utility locating and DBYD is included in our hourly rate if requested.

GPS survey pickups and CAD work is available as an add on service at a competitive rate.

Our Rates

Download our pricelist now for our Non Destructive Digging Machines.