Specialising in providing Level 1 & 2 contestable works in underground electrical reticulation

What We Do.

Lindsay Civil specialise in providing Level 1 & 2 contestable works in underground electrical reticulation including substation installations, high and low voltage infrastructure, high and low voltage cable jointing and public lighting.

Lindsay Civil takes pride in its project management capabilities as they relate to planning, design, construction and commissioning of projects on behalf of clients. The services offered are tailored to suit each specific project and the particular client’s requirements and can include services relating to quality control, time, cost and resource utilisation.

How We Do It.

Lindsay Civil are an easy going bunch of professionals and our clients like us. This is important to Lindsay Civil as we are a highly customer-focused company and we are continuously looking at the best ways to serve our clients.

Lindsay Civil likes to listen to our clients and act upon their needs. Customer focus is imperative for sustainable growth at Lindsay Civil and we prioritise our clients focus and our client relationships through our three principal drivers’: innovative action, true collaboration and expert capabilities.

Lindsay Civil prioritises teamwork both internally and with our clients. Despite our growth we are not complacent and there is always a sense of urgency and a continuous desire to improve and expand.

In our experience a team is always more effective than a sum of individuals. In all circumstances, solidarity is what enables us to create the best possible solution for our clients.

We are readily available to manage projects of all sizes, no job too big and no job too small, as projects range from $1000 to 3 million.